Maglite Replacement Bulbs

Spare bulbs for Maglite torchesWhite Star Krypton Bulbs ** New 2nd generation **

Now Up To 69% Brighter than the previous White Star bulbs

White Star Krypton lamps are installed as "original equipment" on many genuine Maglite flashlights. Upgrade your existing flashlight today and experience the next generation in White Star lamp technology.

High performance Krypton bulbs for use with both C and D-Cell Maglite flashlights.  Supplied in packs of 2.

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Replacement lamps for Maglite torchMagnum Star Xenon Bulbs ** New 2nd generation **

The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Mag-Lite Flashlight!

Now up to 96% brighter than the previous Magnum Star bulbs.

An extremely high performance upgrade lamp with a magnifying lens bulb for a concentrated spot beam.  Magnum Star Xenon lamps are available for all genuine Maglite flashlights. Upgrade today and experience the next generation in lamp technology. Clearly the choice of professionals.

For use with both C and D-Cell Maglite Flashlights.  Supplied in a single pack.


Tougher, brighter, more efficient.
Up To 96% brighter than previous Magnum Star.
Pressurized Xenon gas for improved efficiency.
Smaller, tighter and farther reaching Spot.
Thicker glass housing.
Sturdier filament construction.
Mag-num Star Xenon lamps are more durable and dependable.

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