MAG-LED Mini Maglite 3 x AA - LED Technology from Maglite ** Limited Edition **

MAG-LED Mini Maglite AA Torches

Mini Maglite LEDNow, after years of research & development, testing and refinement, Mag Instrument have, at last, launched a line of MAG-LED flashlights.  Like Mag's incandescent-lamp flashlights, these newest members of the Maglite flashlight family have the style, performance, benefits and features that both professionals and consumers have come to expect from a Maglite flashlight, including the fact that they are built for a lifetime of service.  The Maglite design tradition is instantly recognizable, and they offer the beam-focusing capability that has always been a feature of Mag flashlights, AND MORE!

If these products have been a long time coming, itís because the MAG-LED Technology has taken a long time to develop to the point where it is feasible to make an LED flashlight that meets Mag Instrument's high standards of quality, durability, style and function.


High power 3 Watt LED module.
Balanced optics provide a focusing LED optimized to produce a powerful beam.
Projecting beam focuses simply by rotating the head.
Intelligent energy source management balances an optimum high brightness with extended battery life.
Precision machined high strength aircraft aluminium alloy case.
High intensity light beam.
Linear focusing flood to spot beam with a twist of the wrist.
Maximum corrosion resistance and durability.
Plated contacts with the finest metals to enhance conductivity, reduce oxidation, and increase durability.
Manufactured in the USA and protected by a lifetime guarantee.
High grade rubber O-rings ensure that a Mag-Lite is water and shock resistant.
Key ring hole in tail cap.
Dimensions: Length - 218mm, Diameter - 18mm.
Uses 3 x AA batteries (included).

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